"kaidan is from Canada, he can’t be a poc!"

this just in: POC mysteriously disappearing from existence upon crossing the Canadian border; Canada blanketed with mayonnaise. tune at 11 for more


Just a chicken

Video Game Meme: [2/7] Female characters → Queen Anora



hawke starting a bar fight because someone had the gall to point out the slight bulge of fenris’ chest

Aveline comes running because damn it, Hawke leveled a man two times their height in two minutes again. She jogs in, asking, “What is it this time?” and Hawke explains— so Donnic spits on the guy’s unconscious body and Aveline buys Fenris’s next drink.

kaidan alenko is a poc 

holy shit how absent have u been from life to not know that ?? ?




I’m sorry. Kaidan is from Canada…Sera just looks white. I mean, I know her concept art was one way, but that’s like…Not the final decision the artists and writers approved of.

Additionally, unless I am grossly mistaken based on your selfies, you are not a PoC, so the ability to decide whether or not characters are falls even less with you than it does with PoC fans. If PoC fans want to identify with characters as PoC in their minds, sure. But at the end of the day, it falls onto the creators to have the final say in what is accurate and true in their creations.


are you telling me that



i can’t look at a character and determine their skin color because i am white


wait wait no we are glossing over the best part

"kaidan is from canada"

kaidan is from canada

kaidan is from canada

k aiD an iS FrOM caNA DA sO HE CANNOT BE a POC du H??! 1 !!


boys= nasty and dress bad

me= somehow still likes boys and is disappointed in myself and thinks i should do better

If yo're going to reblog thing with the f slur in them, can you please tag them for slurs?

oh my gosh sorry i didn’t even think about it when i hit reblog of course no problem

hips: ngl
There went Norbin. We sure did know his name.
The party after failing to learn anything about an NPC. (via shutupmordy)